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Money in your pocket: how wind pays back to consumers

For the first time, the clear benefits of wind energy to Northern Ireland consumers have been calculated in detail. In a report launched today at the Smart Energy Northern Ireland conference in Belfast, an independent analysis by experts Baringa Partners shows that...

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Renewable energy unites on 70% clean electricity by 2030

The Northern Ireland Renewables Industry Group, Solar Trade Association and British Hydropower Association united this morning to call for a target to supply 70 per cent of Northern Ireland electricity from renewables by 2030. A comprehensive report by leading energy...

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Preparing for Brexit

This week has seen our elected representatives at Westminster attempt to deliver a solution to the Brexit conundrum, 31 months after the referendum on membership of the EU. A physically crumbling parliament building, half propped up by scaffolding, was the backdrop to...

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Brexit and the island of Ireland: the electric fence?

Access to the European Internal Energy Market (IEM) – particularly for electricity – is important for energy security and the efficiency of the UK energy system. For Northern Ireland, however, the degree of integration of its electricity market with another EU country...

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