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Successful launch of Smart Energy NI

Patricipants, speakers and organisers of Tuesday's Smart Energy conference at the MAC Belfast have all spoken of the value of the inaugural event. Attended by local technology companies, renewables developers, grid specialists, regulated bodies, academics and...

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NIRIG set to launch new Energy Strategy

The Northern Ireland Strategic Energy Framework 2010-2020 has helped deliver significant changes to the energy market and energy mix in Northern Ireland. It sought to ensure competitive markets, robust security of supply, enhanced sustainability and better energy...

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Smarter, faster, bigger, stronger?

The energy system is experiencing unparalleled change. Even the language that characterised the old process of supply and demand is no longer appropriate. Now, the producer consumes, the consumer manages, the manager connects and the connector controls. Software as...

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Consultations on the bottom line

Today NIRIG responded to what may have appeared to be a fairly 'dry' and technical consultation: Proposed Changes To Methodology For Calculating Distribution Loss Adjustment Factors. This paper, issued by NIE Networks on 14 February, contains proposals to increase the...

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New statistics show NI at 35% renewable electricity

As recent statistics published by the Department of the Economy demonstrate, Northern Ireland generated almost 35% of its electricity needs from renewable sources in 2017. This is a significant increase from 2016 - more than 9%- and takes us closer to our 2020...

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Northern Ireland Affairs Committee reopens electricity inquiry

The NI Affairs Committee last year completed a report on elctricity in NI, in which it warned of the risk of an energy deficit and higher energy prices in Northern Ireland if action wasn’t taken to increase supply or improve. At that time NIRIG gave evidence to the...

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