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New statistics show NI at 35% renewable electricity

As recent statistics published by the Department of the Economy demonstrate, Northern Ireland generated almost 35% of its electricity needs from renewable sources in 2017. As we now look beyond 40% we need to assess more comprehensively the requirements of a future...

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Northern Ireland Affairs Committee reopens electricity inquiry

The NI Affairs Committee last year completed a report on elctricity in NI, in which it warned of the risk of an energy deficit and higher energy prices in Northern Ireland if action wasn’t taken to increase supply or improve. At that time NIRIG gave evidence to the...

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Record-breaking year for investment in renewable electricity

In another record-breaking year for renewables, investment in Northern Ireland has shot to its highest levels yet. Government deadlines and a strong pipeline of projects led to record amounts of wind and solar energy being connected to the grid. With 1430MW of clean...

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Renewables reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Data released this week by DAERA (Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs) shows that greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation in Northern Ireland have reduced significantly in a 11-year period from 2004-2015. Greenhouse gases per unit of...

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New research demonstrates why wind works

Last Friday a new ARUP report analysed a possible approach towards a market stabilisation mechanism, and concludes that a competitive Market Stabilisation Contract for Difference would enable decarbonisation in the most affordable way and in the most suitable...

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NI onshore wind reaches 1GW

The amount of onshore wind power connected to the Northern Ireland grid has reached the 1 gigawatt (GW) mark for the first time. New data from NIE Networks shows 1029MW of onshore wind connected to the grid, comprising 22% of Northern Ireland’s electricity in the 12...

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