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Access to the European Internal Energy Market (IEM) – particularly for electricity – is important for energy security and the efficiency of the UK energy system. For Northern Ireland, however, the degree of integration of its electricity market with another EU country requires additional consideration and understanding of the potential impacts of Brexit.

For those paying close attention to energy matters, we are assured that maintaining the special energy relationship between the UK and Ireland and avoiding the disruption of the Single Electricity Market (SEM) across the island of Ireland is a priority.

However, there are two aspects of this that perhaps have not been explored fully. This first is the sheer level of political, regulatory and business agreement on the importance of maintaining the SEM and its next iteration, the Integrated SEM (I-SEM). The second is the uncertainty of just how this widely-agreed priority will be implemented.

This article appears in the online resource ‘The UK in a Changing Europe’

Brexit and the island of Ireland: the electric fence?