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The NI Affairs Committee last year completed a report on elctricity in NI, in which it warned of the risk of an energy deficit and higher energy prices in Northern Ireland if action wasn’t taken to increase supply or improve. At that time NIRIG gave evidence to the Committee, along with a range of other key stakeholders, about the importance of a long-term strategy for energy. The Committee is now re-opening the inquiry to assess the impact of the likely reduction of capacity at Kilroot and Ballylumford power stations.

The Committee seeks input on the broader implications of the SEM and new I-SEM, developments for security of supply regarding interconnection and the potential closure of Kilroot and part-closure of Ballylumford, and the impact of a lack of Government. NIRIG will again be responding to this call for evidence, and are appreciative of the interest being taken by the Committee, given the pressing needs of the sector and the deeply concerning absence of a functioning Executive. Deadline for written submissions is 23 February.